Welcome to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Bloomington, Indiana

PHONE: 812-961-1510


  We Serve Those in Need  

Those seeking help may email us at help@bloomingtonsvdp.org
To donate furniture or appliances
 call 961-1510
or email

To donate your used car, truck or boat to SVDP to benefit those in need
 call 800-322-8284 or click www.svdpusacars.com
Free pick up of furniture, appliances or vehicles

To make a tax deductible financial donation please click the button below

About Us
:   St. Vincent de Paul is an international society of volunteers that seek to serve Christ by serving those in need.  The help given is based on the need of the client and the resources available.  Race, religion, creed or sexual orientation are not considered.

Our Bloomington Society  is open to all who wish to serve others and share in Christian fellowship.  In Bloomington we are blessed to receive  support from our three local Catholic parishes, St. Charles, St. John and  St. Paul  as well as  St. Thomas Lutheran church. 

What kind of help do you provide?  We provide community resource information , small amounts of financial assistance,  and we collect donated furniture and appliances and distribute free of charge to those in need.

Who do I contact if I need help?  If you need help please leave us a message with your contact information on our voice mail .  The number is 812-961-1510.  You may also contact us by sending an email to  help@bloomingtonsvdp.org. In either case someone will attempt to contact you usually within 24 hours if during a weekday and within 48 hours if on a weekend.  

How do I request furniture and where is your furniture warehouse?   See link at top of the page or click here for more information.  For a map to our warehouse, hours of operations and guidelines click map.

Who do I contact if I want to donate furniture or appliances?  We can pick up your useable furniture and large appliances free of charge if you contact us.  To contact us by phone, leave a message on our voice mail number at 812-961-1510.  To contact us by email please send a message to pickup@bloomingtonsvdp.org   Please include the type of furniture or appliances you wish to donate, your address and a phone number.  Someone will contact you usually within 24 to 48 hours.  

Special note to businesses:   If you are a furniture store, apartment complex or other business that would like to donate to us on regular basis we can provide you with access to our storage units for drop-off or we can schedule regular pickups. For this type of arrangement send an email to Donald at pickup@bloomingtonsvdp.org .

Are my donations tax deductible?  Yes all donations whether furniture or financial are tax deductible to the  full extent of the law and we will provide you with a receipt upon request. 

How do I make a financial donation?  Tax deductible donations to help those in need in Monroe County can be made online by clicking  the donate button below or by sending a check to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Society, 1413 E 17th St., Bloomington, IN 47408. (to make a Christimas donation as a gift see above or click this text)

I would like to volunteer, what can I do?   If helping others and working with a great bunch of people is of interest to you please send an email to volunteer@bloomingtonsvdp.org .  Below are the types of volunteer opportunities we typically have available.

Phone Volunteers:  Volunteers retrieve messages from our voice mail and return calls to persons that call in for help and wish to make donations.  For those needing help the phone minister is able to provide information about local resources and if needed assign SVDP volunteers to visit the caller in their home.
Home Visitors:   Home Visitors (HVs) are the most visible face of St. Vincent de Paul.  The home visitor travels with an associate (see below) to visit those in need.  HVs assess the person's need and determine what assistance SVDP can best give.
Associate Home Visitors:   This position is a good introduction to SVDP work and it requires minimal training and time commitment.  Associate Home Visitors(AHV) are called by a home visitor (see above) and if the AHV is available they accompany the home visitor to visit a person in need. An AHV assists the HV in determining how to best help the person in need.  

Furniture Volunteers:   This position is a good introduction to SVDP work as volunteers can simply come to the warehouse when they have a free Saturday morning.  Typically we need volunteers that can help move furniture or have pickup trucks, but there is sometimes a need for volunteers to help administrate the process.  

Computer Volunteers:  We always have a need for data entry volunteers as well as web and database designers.


Bloomington Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Mailing address: 1413 E 17th St, Bloomington, IN 47408

 Warehouse Location: 1117 N Jackson, Bloomington, IN 47404

 Email: info@bloomingtonsvdp.org  Phone 812-961-1510